winden daune

Duane Winden, AAS, BS, MS, MSN/ed

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs/Professor

Brigham Young University; Provo, UT, USA BS 04/1992 Human Biology
Brigham Young University; Provo, UT, USA MS 04/1994 Human Biology
Grand Canyon University; Mesa, AZ, USA MSN/ed 05/2012 Nursing and Education
Brigham Young University; Provo, UT, USA PhD 042014 Pulmonary Biology

A. Personal Statement.

I am currently doing research in Paul Reynold’s laboratory centered on the biology of RAGE, a multiligand receptor of the immunoglobulin superfamily, which has been implicated in numerous inflammatory diseases. My early training as an anatomist and subsequent training as a nurse occurred in clinical environments that emphasized physiology of healthy systems and disease, has prepared me for the dissection of cellular mechanisms of inflammation-related pathogenesis. Furthermore, the laboratory that I am now working in is very well equipped and we have produced important data in the area of targeted mouse models in describing pathogenesis. In short, my training, experience, and demonstrated success in pilot studies clearly show that the work proposed in this application can be accomplished.

B. Positions and Honors.

Positions and Employment
2014-present Director of Biomedical Sciences, 四色AV University of 四色AV Sciences, Department of 四色AV Medicine, South Jordan, UT
2011-2014 Assistant Professor, 四色AV University of 四色AV Sciences, Department of 四色AV Medicine, South Jordan, UT
2003-2011 Instructor, AmeriTech College, Department of Nursing, Draper, UT
2008-2010 Registered Nurse, Emergency Department, Mountainview Hospital, Payson, UT

Other Experience and Professional Memberships
2005-present Member, American Heart Association
2006-present Member, Human Anatomy and Physiology Association
2009-present Member, American Nursing Association
2009-present Member, National League for Nursing
2012-present American Association of Anatomists

2011 Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society for Nursing
2012 Alpha Chi Honor Society for Nursing
2008 Body Worlds 3 Community Advisory Panel

Teaching Responsibilities
Main Courses:
DMD5220: Head and Neck Anatomy is a required class for first year dental students. It is an advanced course covering the structure of this region in great detail for the dental student, 10 6 hour lectures per block, 2 blocks per year.
DMD5240: Anatomy and Physiology of Human Organ Systems is a required class for first year dental students. It is a detailed course covering anatomy and physiology as well as some aspects of histology, pathology and development, 10 6 hour lectures per block, 5 blocks per year.

Mentored undergraduate students performing research per year (9-12 hours per week)
2014 5
2013 3

C. Selected peer-reviewed publications (in chronological order). Undergraduate co-authors are underlined)

1. Michael B Nelson, Adam C Swensen, Duane R Winden, Jared S Bodine, Benjamin T Bikman, Paul R Reynolds 2015 Cardiomyocyte mitochondrial respiration is reduced by receptor for advanced glycation end-products (RAGE) signaling in a ceramide-dependent manner. AJP Heart and Circulatory Physiology (Impact Factor: 4.01). 05/2015; DOI: 10.1152/ajpheart.00043.2015
2. Trevor S Tippetts, Duane R Winden, Adam C Swensen, Michael B Nelson, Mikayla O Thatcher, Rex R Saito, Tyler B Condie, Kurtis J Simmons, Allan M Judd, Paul R Reynolds, Benjamin T Bikman 2014 Cigarette smoke increases cardiomyocyte ceramide accumulation and inhibits mitochondrial respiration. BMC Cardiovascular Disorders 11/2014; 14(1):165.
3. Duane R Winden, David B Barton, Bryce C Betteridge, Jared S Bodine, Cameron M Jones, Geraldine D Rogers, Michael Chavarria, Alex J Wright, Zac R Jergensen, Felix R Jimenez, Paul R Reynolds 2014 Antenatal exposure of maternal secondhand smoke (SHS) increases fetal lung expression of RAGE and induces RAGE-mediated pulmonary inflammation Respiratory Research 10/2014; 15(1).
4. Mikayla O Thatcher, Trevor S Tippetts, Michael B Nelson, Adam C Swensen, Duane R Winden, Melissa E Hansen, Madeline C Anderson, Ian E Johnson, James P Porter, John T Prince, Paul R Reynolds, Benjamin T Bikman 2014 Ceramides mediate cigarette smoke-induced metabolic disruption in mice. AJP Endocrinology and Metabolism 09/2014.
5. Tyler T Wood, Duane R Winden, Derek R Marlor, Alex J Wright, Cameron M Jones, Michael Chavarria, Geraldine D Rogers, Paul R Reynolds 2014 Acute Secondhand Smoke-Induced Pulmonary Inflammation is Diminished in RAGE Knock out Mice. AJP Lung Cellular and Molecular Physiology 09/2014.
6. Duane R Winden, Nicholas T Ferguson, Benjamin R Bukey, Alexander J Geyer, Alex J Wright, Zac R Jergensen, Adam B Robinson, Jeffrey A Stogsdill, Paul R Reynolds 2013 Conditional over-expression of RAGE by embryonic alveolar epithelium compromises the respiratory membrane and impairs endothelial cell differentiation. Respiratory research 10/2013; 14(1):108.